Red Steel Development Costs


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Red Steel Development Costs

Ubisoft have announced the development costs for the anticipated Wii game, Red Steel.

According to the The french publisher and developer, the development costs for the highly anticipated first person shooter will be approximately $12.75 million. Now that might sound like a lot of money for most of you, and it sure is, but if you compare it to the costs for a Xbox 360 or Playstation game it isn't much at all. In fact, Ubisoft have stated that developing games for Sony or Microsoft's consoles could cost three to four times more.

Ubisoft also mentioned that most gamers will use around 13 hours to complete the main game.

So, what benefits will we get out of the low development costs? Well, when the games is cheap to develop, it will make it easier for smaller companies to get into the Business, so we'll probably see more games because of the low costs.

Red Steel is scheduled for a released at the Wii launch day later this year.


13 hours to complete the main game :confused: , thats not as long as i expected. and with games being so cheap, im not supprised ubisoft is making so many games for the Wii. :D :D

PS3 and Xbox360, expensive to buy and develope. :lol:
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what game? red steel or MP:3? i dont think they need any, but if u WANT i guess u could buy that attachment that makes u hold the wiimote like a gun.
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It dosn't really matter how long it takes you to complete the game... It's all in the replay value. I'd prefer a short game with more replay value than a longer game with less.
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im not saying that, just saying i was expecting a little longer than 13hrs for the average person. i guess, when i think a nintendo console, i think great long games like zelda.
well 13 hours is long enough plus it will have multiplayer offline and possibly online if nintendo releases their online plans to the developers.
they said 13 hours in may, now there is supposed to be more content, and have you seen the new screenshots, they are great looking, and even more amazing, the videos looks tons better then pictures as the people in the pics look out of place but fit right in on live action, this game looks better everytime I see it.
Plus you all didnt think about the connect 24 option of ubisoft sending us some extra levels while youre sleeping.