Red Steel developers launch blog


Apr 30, 2006
The development team behind much anticipated title Red Steel have recently launched a blog. It's aim is to keep followers of the title up-to-date on the development progress and give a better insight into the game.

Producer Marie-Sol Beaudry wants players to have fun and not:
"force people to become actual professional swordsmen."

The matter of synchronization between the Wiimote and sword animation apparently proved tricky. Beaudry promises that the final sword-fighting will be more diverse and feature a couple of undisclosed special moves.

you can read more future entries on the Red Steel blog here
I don't think the guy with the link on the first page is right about the controls though (I don't fancy signing up to another forum, so I'll post here instead).

The problem with the control of the 'invisible Square box' is that it doesn't turn fast enough. But when you think about it, it will only be a problem for traditional controllers, as no matter how far left or right, the screen can only move at a given speed. However, with the pointing of the wii controller, you're free to go as far left or right as you want - and the further you point left or right, increases your turning speed. Also they could implement quick turn function whereby you move the remote roughly 90 degrees for a fraction of a second. I personally don't go for PC gaming, so the idea of the 'keyboard and mouse method' didn't really appeal to me.

Thanks for the link iOn. :D
This is definatley going to be one of the better launch title games that come out for the wii.