Red Steel: plot details revealed


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May 15, 2006
Cardiff, Wales
According to, Ubisoft have released more details about the plot of Red Steel, and in particular, the characters. Your job is apparently to stop a man named Tokai by recruting various Yakuza bosses to join you against him (oh, and of course you have to save the girl along the way). Can't wait.

This game looks better everyday ... ;)

i hope they change some of the reticules on the guns because ive seen videos where it takes up like half the screen. And hopefully they worked out all the kinks in the sword fighting parts of the game.

I really dont know if i should get this or metroid for my first fps for the wii.
If I have the money I definatley want to get Twilight Princess and Red Steel.
OMG ACARDIUM......u doubt Metroid! i cant believe you......i know its your opinion but still im looking foward to this game soooooo much.....also an opinion.....but i mean the first two were absolutley amazing! not expecting anything less than amazing from this game