Redsteal sword Fighting


Future Wii Owner
Jul 19, 2006
Wouldnt it be awsome to play online sword fighting?!
Even though the movment of the swords are not freehand :( But I think it would still be something else!
What do you think?
They should make a free hand sword figthing game were as you become more profeciant with your sword the faster and more accurate your movements become etc.
lol, they should make an rpg with weapons and stuff and you swing them or shoot them or wateva u do with them just with the wii controller,
sword fighting would be cool but lightsabers would be the best. starwars would be the altimate game on the wii. but its no going to be.
They don't need a new movie to make another star wars game
In a Gi(game informer) issue Lucas Arts have already set up a story for star wars games that take place after episode 6. Plus I think there have been cries for a Star wars game for the Wii so I think Lucas Arts will listen and make a game for the wii and include the jedi fights.