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Jun 5, 2006
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Wii Online Code
something i really really wonder about, is how the next nintendo console will be is there possible to make anything more and better than the wii? got any ideas. u can just tell what u think would be awsome but maby not posible. ore something posible??
I would like to see a lot of gmaes that use the DS-Wii connection. The few games for GCN that used GCN-GBA link were greatly enhanced by it, but I think there weren't very many because people didn't want to pay $35US for the cable, thus the games didn't sell well, thus developers didn't make very many. Also, I would like to see improvements in the friend codes from DS. Maybe universal friend codes (only one number to remember instead of keeping a list), or general meeting rooms outside games, possibly even a feature where you can see if your friends are online in other games. I hope they make good use of the rumble feature in the WiiMote, for example: in Wii Sports (let's say baseball), when you swing the bat there is a small rumble when the ball strikes (not enough to be a vibration, just a jolt), creating an even more tactile feel.
I'm not worried about it for now. There's no real reason why you should anyways. Wii is coming, and there is much rejoicing! ^_^
I Think the next console after wii woud be something like the virtual boy convined with the wii mote like virtual reality game
The next Nintendo console is obviously going to have to support HDTV (it'll probably be much more commonplace by then), and it should be more multi-functional like the PS3 and 360 are.
Arcadium said:
virtual boy convined with the wii mote like virtual reality game
vr is bad tryed it once when i finished every thing was blocky in real life
That's along way off, your getting a bit ahead of everything the Wii isn't even out yet!!