should i get a ds??

should i get a ds.

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nintendo crab

hope hosptal surgeon.
May 18, 2006
uk birmingham.
okay i thought about it, and i think i have enoughe for a ds and 2 games
(supermario 64 ds and electroplankton)
what do you think. ?:confused:
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honestly, if you've played mario 64 before i'd recommend getting the new super mario first, its all new and a really great game

though the changes to mario 64 were interesting and made the experience fresh again.

don't know much about elektroplankton, from what i've heard i don't think that i personally would like it, but to each his own
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new super mario mario bros.

is new super mario mario bros. all arcadey and not 3d??
meh mabey i'll get both:lol:
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the environment is 2d, mostly in the style of super mario world, mario and the enemies are rendered in 3d to make the animations more fluid and a wider range of movement

the action is sidescrolling just like all the original marios up to mario world
Yeah, i've got both sm 64 ds and nsmb and they both offer great gameplay! But if your into the classic game, get the latest! It'll show off the original sounds and characters along with so many enhancements!
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i'll be away ti'll friday, when i come back i'll get my ds
even thoughe new supermario bros is not out in the uk i can still get it from down the road, cuz this shop inported them from america.:D :D