SNK/Playmore shifts to Wii!

Yeh although sometimes 3D fightig is a bit weird
Dont want street fighter 3 want sf 3 third strike
but most of them are out on ps2 in japan
any way if its fighting i like most
I enjoy both 2d and 3d games, I don't think 2d games are respected as much cause everyone always wants 3d games. I think a game like Raiden or Ikagura (spelling?) would be awsome along with all kinds of other 2d games. And with the VC you'll be able to play all kinds of 2d classics, oh yeah.
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I too like 3D fighters they have a more realistic feel/aspect to them which makes them fun, but 2D fighters are more strategic/skill based and there for more challenging for hardcore fighters. 3D fighting games have been around for quite some time now since Virtual Fighter/Tekken/Soul Edge but the fighting games that domonate the 'Evolution Fighting Game Tournament' are always and still 2D fighting games though there are some 3D fighters in the tournament!

Classics like Strret Fighter 3 Third Strike, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marval vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, Guilty Gear Series, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Vampire Savior and King of Fighters Series are most like always to make the Tournament and new comer 3D fighters like Virtual Fighter 4, Soul Calibur III, Tekken 5, and Dead of Alive 4 only take a small share of the Tournament...
i like 3d fighting games, but 2d sidestrolling fighting games are the best, especially the ones made by capcom
as per useaul it depends on capcom and if they still hold the lisence
I find them both very differnt from each other and they are both fun to play but if you are asking what i prefer I would go for 3D gaming! But I still Really like 2D! Some of the Best games made are 2D!