so are there gona be two zeldas ?


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May 30, 2006
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one for the wii
one for the game cube
I know that the wii can play gc games but if its gona use the controller wont it need more stuff
yes, the game has two versions and as far as i can tell the cube version will not make use of the wiimote if played on the wii (which is why two versions now exist, they were trying to cram the wiimote functionality into the cube version but for some reason it wouldn't work)
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Gona have to get both vers then
i dont think the gamecube version will be able to use the wii remote
No actually it's going to come out with the wii at launch as a wii title. It is also going to come out on the gamecube the same day as the wii launch. They said that at E3.
motherbrainrulez said:
there is not going to be 2 versions! it is for gamecube and can be played on wii with the wii remote or gamecube control!
Nintendo has said there are two versions
Guys, make sure you provide a link if you make a statement about anything to do with the Wii. [unless it's a very obvious point that we all know is confirmed].