Some girl playing Super Mario Galaxy


Apr 30, 2006
Captured from E3, contains a few close-ups of the wii remotes and the system from the Nintendo booth, then it pans round to a girl being shown howto play the new mario game..

There's a good 3 or 4mins of in-game footage and is definitely worth watching:
Nice, thanks for posting it.

The gameplay looks really smart, t'is one game I'm anticipating for.
Yeah a bundel pack would be great, I hate it when new consoles come out. Not only do you have to hope the store has more left, you also have to hope they have the game you want to
Recusant said:
You're crazy. Girls don't play videogames...
Interesting you say that, as the whole point of the Wii is so everyone can play.

On topic: Man I'm really looking forward to this game! I wish it was a launch title:( .
O MY GOD. The graphics r so beautiful...that's a nice vid to, I want this game so bad*cries*

off topic: i0n, plz make a crying smiley!!!
here's one :