Mario Galaxy controls


Apr 30, 2006
Just found this little bit of information and a really small pick from the E3 booth.

Its a chart detailing how to control mario and navigate the him round the levels

Super Mario Galaxy basic operation

* Mario moves with the analog stick of the Wii remote control and jumps with the A button of the wii controller.
* When the Wiimote is directed to the screen, a pointer or star type is indicated on the picture, To indicate an action in the screen simply direct the pointer to that place and push the B button.
* In some points of the game you need to shake the Nintendo Wii controller to start the action (move it from left to rigth)
from what ive seen so far, when u shake the wii remote he puts his arms out and spins around hitting anything near by:cool:
That would seem hard to controll.
This game doesn't seem to be a game that would work for new gamers.
I still want to play this game and try to master the controls.
Sounds alright to me... I'm sure Nintendo made their best efforts to optimise the difficulty and gaming experience for the average gamer. :)
I guess it's alright... but I have a feeling that the spin will be overused a lot from what I've seen on the video.
^ yeh, its like the grab in the 64 version, you use it for nearly ever boss, but i didnt notice that at the time
god damn it looks like its gonna be hard to try and figure out how to play... the only thing thats going to hold back the wii is a long learning curve
I disagree. I imagine that a lot of the launch titles will come with built-in tutorials, and before you know it you'll be playing like a pro. The whole buzz Nintendo are trying to push is "intuitive", so I imagine it will be relatively easy to learn how to play. :)
Just like in the previous two SS bros. games, I'm pretty certain Nintendo will continue this trend with a great tutorial but with the Wii controls this time. :D

We can only really speculate for other games.
If im not mistaken in one of the released trailers I saw the classic green field level where one gets to hone the controls and familiarise himself with them...

lets not forget that moving to the N64 Mario from conventional 2D Marios was entirely different as well... yet the game allowed you to get familiar with the joypad really quickly, and within a months time u had guys who had mastered the n64 controls!!!

ninty has always emphasized on simple-to-pick-up-and-master games and controls, and thats what i think will be the case for the wii as well
A few years back I got Metroid Prime on release day, looking forward to playing it. When I got back home, I found it the controls really awkward to the point of almost unplayable. But luckily I stuck with it, and when I got used to it, it became one of my favourite games.

I'm expecting that it'll be like this for Mario Galaxy (and other Wii games), so as long as they keep that classic Nintendo design it should be a top game. I do have some concerns about how accurate you have to be pointing the Wiimote though.