something behind the retro controller...

The Z button seems like its in a weird place but then again you don't use it to often
In M64 u do, that's how u crouch, which is how u do ur long jump which I use alot.
Yeh I kinda only realised how much you do use after I posted I was thinking of OoT and MM when i wrote that all you need to use it for is Z targeting and fixing up the camera. But it still is in a pretty bad place I mean it next to the r button up top, weird...
dudes. if you dont notice, the wii looks like its pluggin in with a computer cable/VGA thing. possibly DVI? lets hope so that would be sexii
It's not bad...i'd get used to it. Plus I'm not even gonna buy this game, I already have the N64 version and my N64 so I don't need to worry about it:D
Wow, yeah that looks a bit funny but I really do think you''l get used to it fast.
And it does look like it runs smoother. I'll actaully be able to properly use the explosives in perfect dark!:D :D :D
im almost 100% sure it will end up being something that holds the wiimote in the back, some other place said thats what they guessed to by looking at it, think about it, wouldnt it be not right haveing your wiimote dangling off the retro? or have it lying on the floor so you have not much freedom unless you want it to dangle?? they said the controller was really light, so that probally adds the weight needed