Sony Fanboy freaks out on a live radio station:

Well with ps3 most of the gaming legends (Jeff minter, Biffo and a fue others) hate it
The poor guy's in an asylum now:( the only way they stop him from killing everyone one around him is by lying to him and saying that the PS3 is going to be a good console.
this guy sounds like he may be acting like this on purpose. Because he was yelling and screaming and all but then he plugged the 360. I dont know. This guy just sounded like he was trying to be funny.
oh yeah definetly.

Sony's idea on that the technology they are offering is a lot less exspencive than how much you would pay for it regularly (blue-ray) is a good idea, but they are still trying to sell the system as a Gaming Console, which is dumb because people are looking at it as "Im paying $600 for a video game system? HOLY $#!^" and not as a much less exspencive Blue Ray which also plays PS3 games. I believe if people knew more about blue ray and KNEW that it was going to be the DVD of the next decade or so, then more people would look into getting it.