Star Wars Wii!!!!

Lord Haku

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Jul 3, 2006
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Well I know this is once again specutiaon but I heard from Lucas arts they are very intrested in having a star Wars Game on the WII. I mean come on the lightsaber combined with the wii controller would be awesome. Hopefully these rumors can esacled into a full fledge game, and if it alredday has then I know yet another reason to add to my list of why to buy a wii:lol:
when I 1st saw the red steel trailer, the 1st thing that came to mind was 'LIGHTSABER!!'
I would love to play another installment of KOTR and a completely new game (from the original movies timeline) These games would be incredible. Though I hear that developers are having trouble with the realism or realtime fighting with the wiimote. I would like it if my lightsaber, sword, deku stick, or whatever would move in sync with my hand as I wave the wiimote around - but apparently (most notable in red steel) Developers are shying away from this real time response in games. Imagine having a light saber following your every move - the problem I believe may be due to virtual obstructions in the game not transfering back to your controller. If your sword or light saber etc gets blocked by something in the game (shield, body, wall) Then it will stop moving - but your hand with the wiimote will keep going. (This breaks th sync) How could developers get around this? I would say just to have the virtual weapon re sync with your hand gradually over the next second or two following impedance. Any thoughts?

Of course this problem would be much easier to solve in a star wars game since the only thing that can impede a light saber is another light saber. The rumble pack would provide sufficient feeling for slicing through body parts and the sort. I hope lucas arts takes this system and runs with it. And I HOPE THEY GIVE US REAL TIME, IN SYNC ACTION WITH THE WIIMOTE AND THE LIGHTSABER. Other wise this game would be only awesome, and not ridiculously awesome.
I love the Star was games especially the wii-mote it will be the best thing u can do with it, better than a racket, a shotgun, a bat of beisbol, a LIGHTSABER!!
Star wars would be awesome, light saber in one hand, force powers through the other. I think for sword games with the wii they should incorporate a strength system so when you hit a solid object such as another sword/light saber or door your on screen character stops and a ghost like image shows where your wiimote actually is, then also adds a line that shows max strength and use it to break a block or hold the opponent down, and if you are past the mark then the opponent has an advantage. Then when your moves would take your sword off the object, move like normal again, that seems to be the easiest way around the whole “not an actual object in front of me to stop my hand” problem.
It would be cool if u could use a second controller in that gun add on as a blaster pistol as well. Just a thinking
yeah if wii gets the next kotor it would be awesome. all i know that wii is goona have the best games out of all the next generation of consoles