Street fighter VI cabentets on ebay


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May 30, 2006
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Street fighter IV cabentets on ebay

Scince we dont seem to have a general games chat its here

On February 12th, Capcom celebrated the release of Street Fighter IV and 20 years of Street Fighter history. As a part of the festivities artists were invited to create custom designs on Street Fighter Arcade Game Cabinets. The artwork on these machines was done at the The Geffen Contemporary at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles over approximately 4 days.
Here they are

Its all for charity so its all good
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Street Fighter VI? Wow, it's from the future! :D
Yes its the one set before Street fighter back when Ryu and Ken where still kids
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Hur hur hur
I make two mistakes in the title and you all think U R SMART by pointing it out
These don't have SFIV.

These have SF2/3rd Strike/older SF games. These cabinets were just present at the launch event in LA - I know because I played on them.

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