Super Paper Mario for Wii?


Apr 30, 2006
According to IGN's Matt Casamassina Super Paper Mario will be making its debut on the Wii console. In a recent mailbag Q + A. Matt was asked whether there was any chance Nintendo is going to move Super Paper Mario onto Wii? Or was that just a one-time deal with Zelda?

Matt responds: Hmm. How should I write this? Have to be vague, you know? Let me just say that yes, Paper Mario will be headed to Wii and not GameCube. Now read between the lines, damn you! Wait. That was a terrible hint! All right, that's it for today. Time to beat Bozon.

As of yet, there's no official confirmation from Nintendo.

Wutevaaa, I don't like Paper Mario, but w/ the graphics of the Wii it's going to look absolutely beautiful:) Also, I know alot of ppl who like the yay for them.
Ive never played paper mario, but i've heard they are good. Perhaps ill try out this one if it's for the wii... which im expecting it to be. I thought it odd at the time that nintendo were still planning new gamecube games...
never played paper mario either....but heard they were good....and thats a good RPG game to get for the Wii.....i know the 64 paper mario was RPG not sure about the thousand year door though....:p o well doesnt matter
naw... i highly doubt that paper mario will be the last gamecube game ever made, i mean just look at the xbox, there are still alot of games that are coming out New for that system, and same for the sameboy advance, so i doubt there will be no further gaes released on the gamecube
I like Paper Mario a lot!

I remember when I finsihed the N64 one...

Damn how nintendo can make those games!
man, i dont wanna use wii controller for this game, i mean, YAH! wiimote is fun for a lot of games, but there are games where i just want the Classic Controller used, like STar Wars legos, i dont wanna do all that fancy stuff! i just wanna play old school style! they will end up ruining some games using the wiimote, and if DS tells, most Devs are forced to use the extra feature