Super Stardust HD


Jan 29, 2008
New York
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I bought Super Stardust HD recently, and I have come to enjoy it very much. I have found it to be one of the most addicting, time consuming, all-around fun games out there. It is easily the best game for the PSN in my opinion (better than any XBL games) and has been more enjoyed by many good PS3 games as well. I would recommend this game to anybody looking to purchase a PSN game. It might look simple at first, but the intricacies of the game, as well as the sounds, precision, and timing that come along with knowing the game makes replaying it MORE than worthwhile. Plus 2 expansion packs makes the game worth playing even more enjoyable.;img;5

That video is a pretty short version, and if you want more, there are many great videos online showcasing this wonderful game. I really think this game is great, and at $9.99, taking a risk on it is not such a risk at all!
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I agree, this is easily one of the best games for offer on the PSN. Definitely worth the purchase.

Thanks Deanis!
agreed. i never really got far in this game, mostly cause for the longest time i played just the demo over and over again cause i didnt want to shell out 10 bucks. finally did though and its one of the better PSN/XBLA games ive bought.

worth 9.99, but i wouldnt buy all the expansions, before you know it youve dropped like 20-30 bucks on a PSN game.