Sweet-Looking GameCube that plays DVDs


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Jul 1, 2006
GC: Sweet-Looking GameCube that plays DVDs

Hey guys,

I mentioned in my intro last week that I am a big Nintendo fan but never ended up getting a GameCube as I was not actively gaming during high school and the beginning of university. I thought about picking up a Japanese GC so that I could play import games, and I as I was looking around trying to find a cheap one, I happened across something you might find interesting.

Did you know that Panasonic came out with a Panasonic-branded combination GameCube/DVD Player back in 2002? I think it's pretty sweet-looking (and useful if you need to play region 2 DVDs), and even my fiance, who is not much of a gamer, agreed. ;)

Check out the attached pics for details. One of these can be had for between $100-$300 at various internet auction sites. I actually placed a bid for one but the bidding exceeded $200 which is more than I am willing to pay. What do you think of the looks of it? It's a little disappointing that the Nintendo logo doesn't appear on the controller, but I think it looks pretty sweet. :D

It's in Japanese, but if you think I'm faking it :confused: , check out the product's official page below (on Panasonic's website).

Panasonic "Q GameCube"


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Maybe I misunderstood your comment

So I guess you're saying that the GC should have looked like that in the first place :p ...I wasn't thinking straight so for some reason I thought you were suggesting that I add the text "GC" to the beginning of my post :tard: ...oh well!
Yeah I heard about it also then it just dissapeared and I never heard of it again
It's would make sense though, because all the other systems at that time had built in dvd players. Like the others said though, its a shame it never came over here.
i heard about it back in 2002.

its one of those things where u read about it, then forget about it, and now you remember you orginally read it.

good find man.
Japan always gets those "test products" and limited stuff and the extra hardware stuff. In a way it's good because they've had stuff, such as the cd drive hookups for the snes and n64 that fell through. It's almost like sometimes they experiment with ideas over there and if the markets recieves it well and if US industries talk enough about it, then it comes here.