System update 4.0 ruined my Wii!

Adam Wii

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Apr 14, 2007
Hi m8s!

I downloaded the latest Wii system software update, and now, my Wii functions in a way it shouldn't:

When I first turn it on, it seems okay, I can access my saved data just fine and I can enter channels successfully, but now:

When I exit a channel after using it, I go back to the Wii menu and things go horribly wrong:

The disc drive is disabled
When I try to access a downloaded channel, it freezes on a blank screen and my remotes deactivate
When I try to access one of the saved data menus, the system crashes and my remotes deactivate

and the only way I can turn my Wii off after that is to unplug it!

When I turn it back on, it's fine again, but when I leave a channel after using it, things go wrong again...

My Wii was fine for the whole 2 and a half years I had it so far, but now that I upgraded it to 4.0, it has messed up in the manner mentioned in this post...
Wow... I've never heard of any malfunctioning Wiis like that, sounds disastrous... As Real-o said, you should definatly contact Nintendo about that, it seems quite serious.

I wonder if some modded Wiis react badly with 4.0? If your Wii is modded, I wouldn't doubt it.

Also, your name and avatar kick ass. Seriously, winnage. :thumbsup: [/off topic]
is the wii modded?

my guess would be in incomplete or demented install.

call nintendo
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The Wii is not modded.

I just contacted Nintendo, and they said to send my Wii (and its power cable) to them so they can sort it out. They'll provide me with kit that'll help me with doing so.