The Game Guessing Game


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Feb 17, 2007
This is a trivia game. Somebody gives a hint/clue about a game, you try to guess the game's title.

The Rules:

One person giving a hint at a time, one game at a time. The first person to name the title goes next. Do not post a new hint until your answer has been confirmed correct by the person who stated the hint. If a couple of the people trying to guess the game come out and say "I give up", reveal the answer, unless of course there are more people saying to let it go longer.

An example of a hint: "What game gets the most credit for being the first game?" The obvious answer would then be Pong. And please, don't let it be that easy.

To start off:

What game, originally for the PC, is famous for its fantastic physics?
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... Then why post? I forgive you... I guess.

Seems no one wants to play. Strange, considering my game was successful at the other three forums I've been at.
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The game is a sequel. Released a few years ago. It was ported to the Xbox. Stuff like that.
ha, ok.....

what game, coming to the next-gen systems, has you starting out as a single celled organism and building up to an intelligent life form that runs an entire civilization?