What Game Person Am I?


Crushed Ice
Jun 8, 2007
Wii Online Code
Here is the game where you give clues about somebody on a game and you figure out who he/she is.

1. No flaming,spamming,or annoying other people
2. 3 clues! No more No less
3. Clues must be 100% accurate
4.you can only make clues if you got the answer right
5.wait for the person to say right before you do clues
6.If you gave clues and then never answer if a person is right or not in 30 minutes then your clues will be bumped at any time and the bumping member is able to make new Clues
Note: More rules might be made as the game process.

I will go first...

Clue #1-Red Hat
Clue #2-Blue overalls
Clue #3-First appeared in the video game "Donkey Kong"
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Mario's the answer....

1: ....Round, and poofy.
2: Likes to eat.
3: Wears red shoes.
1st: No...(Hint: Red Shoes.)
2nd: The person gives you clues about a game character, and you guess what it is.
Well, I get that.. Lol, but like.. how do you know when you get it right..
Oh, nevermind. I get it now.. OKAY xD! It makes sense.. Like..
you guess, and if you get it right, then the next poster makes
a new thingy.. okay!
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Dumbass_Luigi said:
Mario's the answer....

1: ....Round, and poofy.
2: Likes to eat.
3: Wears red shoes.

Correct...i added 2 new rules

WiiWouldLike2Play said:
reminds me of the close-up/blur game o_O

or not EDIT - WARIO!!!! right idk.. lol
How's this game suppose to work?!

OK i posted clues.Luigi got it right so he gets to make 3 other clues about another game character.you can only make clues if you got the other persons clues right.(sorry if that was confusing)

Edit- i think the answer is kirby...am I right...am I right:ihih:
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Clue #1-first released in Japan on October 10, 1979
Clue #2-Big yellow ball
Clue #3-Is chased by different colored ghost

Who am i?

Oh well.....actually MySims, only people who guess the character right can create clues.


1: Has a Moustache
2: Wears a cap
3: Likes Eggplants.
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thats weird...

OK but i was supposed to be the one to give clues sense i got luigi's clues right...

Clue #1- i play with cards
Clue #2- My last name is Mutou
Clue #3- My rivals name is Kiba

Who am i?
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yes it is and sorry...
This thread got mixed up for awhile...

Is it Waluigi

1: Talking animal.
2: Can drive.
3: Is orange.