Do You Know Me?

Woohoo!!! I Rock at this game!

1: I have visited over 2 countries.
2: I have traveled across have of America.
3: I loves spaghetti.
1. I have been to 4 countries
2. I have been to 30 or more us states.
3. My middle name is Spencer

(kinda copied dl)
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LOL i got bumped...

#2...i don't know anyone with that kinda time
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oh and if i am right tell someone else to give statements about themselves cause i gtg
I would have to go with two.

1. I've been to the US.
2. I've been to a Canucks game.
3. I'm scared of the puck.

1: I ate pizza 3 hours ago.
2: I'm chewing gum right now.
3: I'm listening to music.