Do You Know Me?


Crushed Ice
Jun 8, 2007
Wii Online Code
This is a very simple game.
What you do is Write 2 true statements about yourself and 1 false.
The next player has to guess which statement is FALSE.
If you are wrong then you can't make a statement and the next person gets to chose from the next 2. If you are wrong again hen the person gives the answer and writes 3 more statements. You can only add your statements when you got the poster before you right

1. No flaming,spamming,or annoying other users
2. Must give 2 true things about yourself
3. Must give 1 false thing about yourself
4. Only people who got the statement right can post their own statements
5. Above your statements write easy,medium, or hard
6. You have 5 minutes to answer "yes you are correct" or "no you aren't correct" until the next person can bump your statements with his

Note: There may be more rules included as the game progresses

OK ill start-

1. I hate this section
2. Im hyper
3. I like candy
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OK.....I guess #1 was wrong...

I WIN!!!!

My turn:

#1: My favorite color is orange.
#2: I always wear a hat.
#3: I drink soda...
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sorry about this but mario is not posting anything
so i done my own lol

1. i have nine game systems
2. i go to three forums
3. my favorite food is tacos
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