The messed up thing about life.


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Sep 25, 2006
Central Coast, CA, USA
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While I was still a wee lad of 15, gaming was just about all I ever did. At school I played football, basketball, ultimate frisbee, you name it. But when I got home, it was game time. Homework be damned! Back then, me and my best friend Todd would always try to get to eachothers house to play some games. We always had to arrange rides from parents and it was tuff stuff sometimes and we couldn't always get rides. Sometimes we would want to go to Walmart and get the newest game. Often times this did not work out. I always thought, man... as soon as I get my car, all our problems will be solved!

Fast forward to now. I have had my Camaro for 2 years and now all games are all about being online and there is no need to go over to friends houses. I can't afford many games anymore because all my money goes towards gas and car parts and insurance. So much for driving to Walmart all the time for games. So much for having a ride to a friends house all the time. So much for even having much time to play video games anymore. DAMN!:mad5:
my job is 4 9hour shifts at night
finish friday morning 6 am
then back in monday night 9pm
unles i want over time (dont need I can live on about £190 a week)
LoL If you would have done the work back then [instead of just playing games] you could have gotten a good paying job now. I played a **** load of video games when I was in school but I never let it get in the way of my school work or creative hobbies.