The Official Conduit Friend Code Exchange


Jun 16, 2009
Wii Online Code
What up All. I need more people to add to The Conduit. I have wii speak as well. So make sure you leave yours.

Check out my website :

The Conduit FC : 2579-0879-3196

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This is now The Official Conduit Friend Code Exchange, all other threads pertaining to friend codes for this game will be deleted immediately. Please only post your code here, leave chatting for private messages or other Conduit threads, spam will not be tolerated. Thank you.
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add me on conduit and then send me a private message with urs 2493 2086 6560
yea i need tc friends fast
heres mine 0603 4305 6076
if you want my wii is 0540 4173 9416 7502
Please read the mod edit in the OP, thank you.
Hi everyone. Looking forward to ammassing friends for The Conduit...
my FC is 2364-3442-8422.

I don't have Wii Speak now but I might be tempted to get it later.
my fc for conduit is 0689-3438-0165 i also have wii speak so add me and private message me with your fc
if u would like to join a clan that has a ps3 ,wii ,and conduit section read this

go to it stands for we're taking over then click the wii chat or
ps3 or conduit chat
then use the name it gives u
and then ask if u can join then say [wto]storm send me i would appreciate it alot
Hey guys I just bought The Conduit and I must say that it is a highly Impressive game. I'm looking for friends to play with, I don't have Wiispeak but if I get enough friends who do have it I will get one. So ADD ME!!!
Code for the conduit is 2245-5554-6561,
I have Wiispeak :) but no 'friends' to talk to or to team up with!
Add me! :)