The Wii demographic.


(relatively) old guy.
May 23, 2006
I'm new here so sorry if this has been discussed. As I mentioned in another thread, I had a Nes, Snes, and N64. In that time I never had any non-nintendo consoles so we were a nintendo family so to speak. After getting out of gaming for a while I got an xbox and even modded it. Eventually I got bored and look back at those nintendo games with fondness. I'm not your testosterone driven teen that needs blood and gore. I want a FUN game. So I'm probably going to pre-order a wii because it looks like it will meet that fun factor. So who am I, demographically speaking?

I'm 27, married, have a 2 year old and a 1 month old. My household income is over $120k. I will hookup the console to a "high end" (depending on your definition) home theater system with 7.1 surround sound and a projector with a 120" screen. I live in suburbia and own a home vs. renting.

Anyone else care to share the relevant statistics of their demographic?
i have a feeling this will be all over the board since we already have a very diverse community, but heres mine:

23, about to start my masters in the fall at which time income will drop to about zero again :( if i manage to buy a wii it will be hooked up to a 27 in tv with 5.1 sound, currently renting in a small town
well if we started our life storys im a 14 year old kid who is getting ready to take his exams i first had a nintendo which i hardly remember then i got a genesis and then a n64 after i got my psone i became a ps boy i got a ps2 then a psp i started to hate them for ther reliabolity on graphics so i found out about he wii and im back to nintendo and waiting for preorders.

oh another thing i know im realy old.
I'm 13 and have owned every Nintendo System besides Gameboy Advanced Micro and Gameboy. I am what you could call a hardcore gamer.

Consoles owned (and number):
NES - 1
SNES - 1
Genesis - 3 (one of each)
N64 - 1
PS2 - 2 (1 of each)
Xbox - 2
Dreamcast - 3
GC - 1
Xbox 360 - 1
GBL (GBP)- 1
GBC - 4
GBA - 1
GBA SP - 2
DS - 2
PSP - 2


I am in love with the gimmick aswell.
Geez, demographics are an odd thing. Let me use my work (sorry to bring work into this) as an example. I have Segway dealerships. You'd think there would be a clear demographic for a Segway buyer...but we have those people who are 18 and dirt poor saving and spending every penny on a Segway...we have the typicall 18-35 male commuter...and we have those who just want a new toy....and everywhere in between.

Bottom has no age/economic status.

For what it's's my details:

Owned: NES, SNES, Super Famicom, N64, GameCube, GameBoy, GameBoy Micro, TurboGrafix 16, Genesis, XBox.

I'll be playing the wii on a 51" widescreen HD. Household income..~ $70K
20 years old

I'm not your testosterone driven teen that needs blood and gore.

same here, but you know these teens don't REALLY need this stuff, they just buy (oftentimes crappy) games to make themselves THINK they are cool.

One part of *really* growing up is realizing that looking at pornography or violence really has nothing to do with being grown up, and it certainly shouldn't affect your decisions when it comes to buying games.

The funny thing is - my college buddies and I, all nostalgic Nintendo fans, are excited about the Wii, while our younger brothers and cousins are all calling it 'beneath them', 'kiddie', and a famous local derogative, 'ghey'.

let them waste their money on a ps3. I'm buying a wii, and I'm going to love it up, be it childish or no. :lol:
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Yeah, the group think at that age is strong. It would be interesting to see what kids would choose if they had to pay for it all themselves. And I don't mean getting a summer job and dropping four entire paychecks on a console but actually making a decision about disposable income. LOL, as stated, my wife and I make over $120k and I don't feel like I can afford a PS3 or 360 (or at least justify it) but there will be scores of teens not only getting them but not even appreciating it. The sense of entitlement is staggering.

I also heard a news story the other day about how middle class baby boomers are spending too much on "luxury" items for their kids such as iPods, game consoles, laptops, cell phones etc. 1) the parents aren't teaching the kids the value of money and 2) in many cases, the parents are under-contributing to their retirement savings, etc. in order to make sure their child fits in. Sad IMO.
I'm 29, married, and paying an extortionate amount of rent to live in London, which means that I cannot afford the likes of a PS3. But having said that I would rather go for the Wii console as the games seem to be designed for easy access fun and not overdrawn marathon games like GTA that I quickly get bored of.

Console list:

Atari 2600
Master System
Mega CD (shite, but Batman Returns was awesome)

Then it was PC all the way, but the need to upgrade graphics card all the time has driven me away and back to the console world. Seeing as I missd the Gamecube I am looking forwards to being blown away by the Wii. Im only going to get around to playing a bunch of games in a year and can guarantee the Wii will come up with the goods.
Ok, I am probably one of the older posters on this forum.

I am 34 and have owned most game systems starting with the Atari 2600. I have also owned the NES, SNES (one of my all time favorite systems), N64, PS1 and now currently the PS2. So yes, I am old school and am really looking forward to the Virtual Console.

I own my own home and make in the area of $35K a year. So no, I am not rich, but then I am single right now so that helps on the wallet. :D I have a normal CRT 32" flat screen HDTV. So nothing fancy, but I like it. However I know I will need to upgrade within at least a year or two so I can have my HDMI port and the ability to play Blue Ray or HD-DVD.

I plan to buy both the Wii and PS3 when they are launched.
i'm 15, the only stuff i'v ever had is nintendo stuff. =)

1 Gameboy Color
1 N64
1 Gameboy Advance

income: watever my parents give me -_-;

i'll most likely be playing on a 42" tv =)
I'm 14 and decided to get the Wii after I recently bought the GameCube around a month ago. I make money (at least $100) selling websites and templates so I can buy things I like, like Nintendo consoles and stuff. I'm going to be doing my exams very soon.
19 years old, student, currently without job. I don't care about brand loyalty, and I don't usually buy into fads or gimmicks unless I think they are actually useful (e.g. iPod), but I do like innovation and new ideas. Basically, I just like what I like.
Im 27 with 2 kids. Grew up with nintendo, pretty much owned all the systems plus a PS. I am currently married and living in Arkansas, not poor, but it seems as if im prepetually broke. We make around 35k a year but have problems justifying entertainment and electronic purchases (Well at least my wife does :) I have a decent Home Theater system (JvC 1000wat Home theater in a box) with a 32 inch Sony Wega (Non HD). Currently rent but, we are in the early stages of building our own home. I own about 15 acres of land about 20 mins outside of Little Rock, AR. I am a Nintendo Fanboy, and have converted my kids as well.

I am preordering the Wii as soon as possible, because of the ability to play with the family.
Hey Im a 15 year old kiwi kid growing up in a gamecube driven household. Im just starting my level 1 NCEA. Every weekend my friends and I play (mostly nintendo) videogames for hours on end. CANT WAIT FOR THE WII!!!!