This weeks UK vc games 25/5/07


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May 30, 2006
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Another week goes by so here are the VC games :

Blazing Lazers
T/g 600pts

The game features 9 levels of non-stop space shooting action. There are 4 main weapon types such as bullets, waves, rings and lasers. Each type can be upgraded to 5 different levels for maximized visual effects and damage. On top of the main weapons there are additional powerups such as twin options, shields, modules and side missiles. On average a player can pick up a new weapon upgrade every 5 to 10 seconds.

Another one for us shooter fans
N/r not played as the t/g is realativly unexplored area for me

Mach Rider
NES 500pts

Mach Rider takes place in the year 2112, and planet Earth has been invaded by evil forces known as Quadrunners. The player controls Mach Rider, who travels from sector to sector on a motorcycle, searching for survivors and destroying the enemies in his path.
The game's controls are somewhat more complex than other games at its time. The left and right directions on the Control Pad steer Mach Rider and the A button accelerates. The B button fires Mach Rider's machine gun which can be used to destroy enemies and obstacles on the road. The up and down buttons are used to change gears. Mach Rider's bike has four gears and travels at an immense speed in top gear.
In each round, points can be scored by destroying enemies and certain obstacles with the machine gun. The number of points scored for destroying enemies and obstacles are determined by the power of the enemy destroyed and the type of obstacle destroyed. If the player "BLOCKS" an enemy by knocking it into a hazard on the track, they obtain more points, and this also replenishes Mach Rider's bullets.
Fighting Course: The Fighting Course consists of the primary story sequence. The player controls Mach Rider as he travels across ten different sectors, and tries to avoid being destroyed by obstacles such as Oil Drums and his enemies, the Quadrunners. If he is destroyed, he will separate into fragments and then reform, as long as he has energy remaining. Much like other games of the time, such as Ice Climber and Balloon Fight, there is no ending sequence. Once the tenth sector is completed, the story starts anew, with a second quest of ten entirely new sectors. On each sector in Fighting mode, the player is given the choice to ride to the next sector on either Track A or Track B. The two tracks are different from one another and with each new sector there are new tracks.
Endurance Course: The player must race a certain number of kilometres within a time limit while enemies and obstacles get in the way and slow down the progress. Lives and energy are not a factor in Endurance, but being destroyed looses precious time.
Solo Course: This is the same as Endurance Course, but with no enemies.
Design Mode: This is where the player may design their own sector and then race on it using one any of the three other modes of play. However, like Excitebike, the game required the Famicom Data Recorder in order to save the tracks, and the device was never released outside Japan.

This is quite a good bike game in a similar vain to Hang on (but not as good)

Super Mario bros 2/Doki doki panic
NES 500pts (also out on GBA)

If you dont know this game you must be new to console games
Its a personal fave of mine (not a big Mario fan)

Its not a bad week Mach rider was quite good but I reckon you'd be better off with Excite bike
Ill wait to see if anyone has played the t/g game


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May 16, 2007
Super Mario Bros. 2

Have you seen a trend of VC games in the UK coming to the US soon afterwards? I've been waiting for SMB 2 since I bought the Wii in December, but no luck yet. Any thoughts would be helpful.

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