Tiger 10 - Experience Points


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Jun 14, 2009
Playing Tiger 10 career mode -- I have to say, Tiger 10 w/ WM+ is incredible. It's the first time I felt a golf game exceeded Golden Tee in terms of a game that's just fun to play.

But, I'm confused by experience points/skills. It seems that you earn experience in a certain skill -- for example, Power. When you get enough experience in Power, you can "buy" the next level. Likewise, as you gain Spin experience, you can "level up" in that, too.

It doesn't seem like you get one big bucket of experience, and then can spend it however you'd like. So, I guess I don't understand what the point is -- I'm guessing I'm missing something here? If my Spin experience can only be used to increase Spin level, then why do I need to "buy" the next level? Seems like it should just auto-level up... if that makes any sense...
Actually, you do have to make choices on what you what to "spend" to level up. For example, I just chose to level up "ball striking" and when I did the "approach" category went way down in numbers ... so some choices you make affect how soon you can level up in another category. I hope that makes sense.

BTW ... I love the game. Of course, I loved 08 and 09 as well. I just think it's a great franchise.
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OK, I think I have it figured out. Some of the categories are shared among skills, and then there's general experience that can be used for anything.