TOO Online compatable?


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Sep 18, 2006
New Zealand.
Hey all, I tried searching to see if this question was submitted before, but to no avail.

I'm one of those console gamers that tends to play offline, maybe with mates, maybe not, but I don't really use Xbox Live / any online console service...

Now what I'm asking, is if anyone knows, or has evidence and knows, if the Wii's online functionallity won't play TOO MAJOR a role in console gaming.

It's just that with every new console that's been comming out, the consoles themselves have been stepping further and further into the realm of online gaming, essentially they're becomming a variation to PC's, sometimes anyway...

I have difficulties to overcome if I'm to get my Wii going online, though I might be able to get over those obstacles in time (the local internet service in New Zealand isn't exactly 'amazing'), but in the meantime I want to know that I can still have an awesome gaming experience offline, without being forced to connect to the net and download new content and such.

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether or not the Wii's online function is going to be a major or minor role in the overall product?

hey friend- welcome to the forums.

nintendo has always been very hesitant about stepping into the online world precisely for this reason. while a great deal of nifty features will need internet access, playing and enjoying the games you go buy will not. :thumbsup:
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Hey, and thanks for the welcome. =]

That's good to hear... Though sort of expected, it's definetely not like Nintendo to overlook these things. Thanks for the info. :D