tradding my shiny for non shiny


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Feb 13, 2008
im looking for three pokemon

a male Meowth
a male Lapras
and a jirachi

i was wondering if someone would trade me(2 for meowth and lapras or just jirachi) for my Shiny level 100 Golduck
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wasnt me its my first time posting a thread in forever
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i cant find opne ive spent so much time and i cant find one
well i have a WISHMKR Jirachi cause i got the bonus disk from pokemon colloseum and can get an official jirachi to ruby/saphirre at any time :)
Er, this is an old thread, you know. Since nobody's posted here in over a month, it's considered reviving the thread, so don't do that, alright? :p

I also got the Colosseum bonus disk. WISHMKR Jirachi aren't exactly rare IMO. ... To my dismay, that is.