Shiny Pokemon For Trade

Shiny Lord

WiiChat Member
Feb 16, 2009
These are the shiny pokemon I currently have up for trade

Shiny Giritina Serious Nature Ut
Gyarados(Red Devil) Male Hardy Nature Level 82.
Machamp(male)Mild Nature Level 51.
Luxray(male) Gentle nature Level 42
Medicham(male) Calm Nature Level 37
Tyrogue(male) Quirky Nature Level 18 Ut
Shiny Movie 08 Shaymin Quiet Nature Level 50 UT holding Micle Berry X1
Shiny Rayquaza Bold Nature Level 74
Mystery Mew Brave Nature Level 10 Ut
Groudon Level 100 Impish Nature X5
Birth Island Deoxys (Shiny) - 25/09/07 - ID 60493 - Mild - UT X3
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