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Jun 15, 2009
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y did they put tripping in the game i mean it was un called for n i like some times trip when i have 134% n then my opponent kills me n i always get mad :mad2 i didint like the tripping feature
Dude, no need for a whole thread about tripping.
I think enough people have been raging about it for weeeeeeey too long.
Hm where was that other thread which had like 3 pages all about tripping?

[EDIT] (CK will verbally bash me if he sees me post that close together 4 no reason)

gidget 1. if uv been waiting, make one?
2. dang that tripping is not a valid complaint/rage,

something like **** that stupid tripping it killed my brother!!! would be more appropriate
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You're being whiny. Tripping doesn't bother me. I'd be more annoyed about the horrendous amount of lag 95% of people have.
lag is only online though. tripping is everywhere.

nobody can really saw the random tripping hasn't happened to them while playing brawl. it happens so often that during five minutes of playing you should've tripped at least once or twice.

me personally, i wonder why Sakurai thought tripping would be a good idea. it does nothing but slow down the gameplay, give the enemy a free hit, and pretty much screws us on wi-fi. i can understand tripping on a bananna because thats what they're meant for, but tripping on nothing just pisses me off. take out tripping in the next smash bros(if there is one)
Yeeeeah when was the last time you stood on a bannana (on a surface that isnt covered in soap, yes it happend) and fell over?

If the answer was recently>>> You have some problems which might need to be fixed
why did they put random tripping in because once i was playing sudden death and was about to kill my opponent but i tripped instead and he killed me