twitching curser


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Jun 22, 2009
hello all

i am having some problems with my curser in the wii menu.
havnt been using the console for a while, and its been thru some traveling, and ive heard that the sensor bar is extremly sensitive. could it be because it has suffered some damage. and in that case how much would it cost to replace it.
or am i just over reacting??

carl angelo
Check for bright lights in the background, or reflections off something shiny. Or try new batteries.
are you real far from the tv? cause once I get past about ten feet from my bar it starts twitching and flippin out.
kind of an obvious answer but still. try it
I've had that problem before, it used to annoy the **** out of me - I fixed it by changing the sensitivity of my sensor bar, but you can also try moving closer to the TV (or further away if you are real close).
Try re-syncing your Wii Remote, or try using another remote if the problem still occurs (it might be your remote and not the sensor bar or settings)
Batteries? Might be going a bit

Hope this helps ya!