Two and a Half Men

This is my favorite show!!! (one of them at least)

My favorite character is definitely Berta.
What's your favorite episode?
Mine would probably be the one with Judith's support group that Charlie takes over.
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Sounds like a funny episode, do you know what it's called? Was Jake young or old there?

From what I can remember my favorite show has to be the one where that hot blonde women passes out and Alan and Jake have to carry her away before Chelsea see's her

Another good show that was good is when Alan get's sick and then Charlie gets sick when they were going to go on a double date, one being a celebrity.
Very funny show but it can't go on much longer unless they change the title to 'Three Men' as Jake is getting really big.

I prefered the older episodes, if only because in the newer ones Jake suddenly growing at the end of the titles creeps me out.