Lewis Black's - The Root of All Evil


Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
Nov 26, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
So when I found out Lewis Black was getting his own show on Comedy Central I was real excited. If anyone doesn't know who he is, he's a political comedian, who kinda hit it big on Comedy Central as a correspondent on the Daily Show with his own segment called Back in Black. He has 3 or 4 comedy special that always air on the same network. By far one of my favorite comedians.

He has his own show now on Wednesdays after the new South Parks called the root of all evil. Black is the judge in his courtroom, and two comedians come on to act as lawyers and defend something as "the root of all evil" So far after two episodes I love it. And frankly it was way better than Brittney Spears episode of South Park......disappointing at best.

So far: In the case of Oprah vs. The Catholic Church. Oprah was deemed the Root of All Evil

And in the case of Viagra Vs. Donald Trump. the Don was deemed the root of all evil


Feb 25, 2008
New Jersey
I watched the Viagra/Donald Trump one. That guy doing the Viagra case was making me crack up.

"When I sit on my grandpa's knee, I want to make sure it's his knee"


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Feb 6, 2008
God I want to watch this show so badly! But I don't have Comedy Central... Do they have a feed on comedycentral.com?

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