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May 22, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wii Online Code
If you want me to make you a signature tell me what you want the text to say, what picture you want [if you give me one it would be nice] and i will do the rest...i'm really bored and want to make sigs ;) also for every - next to your name, that's the amount of sigs i've made for you :) NO animation signatures!

People i've Made Sigs For

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hi there gamer dude. this my first post! Im not entirely sure if my sig came out the way i wanted it to,so i wanted to post a message to find out.If i dont like it i'll happily appreciate ur help.
i wanted to have a picture of pit along with the words that i had put.Im sry if im not making much since, im kinda confused about the whole thing. anywho i wanted this pic
.hmm i click the insert image button and enter what i think is the URL.maybe im putting in the wrong thing.if it shows up then i think i got it,if not then i am typing in the wrong thing.-.-'
neato , i like it.neat red color too.now uhhh how do i get it<.< r u going to tell me a code and i put it in the box where my sig is. oh nevermind i got it now thaanks so much.
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