BoZ94's Signature/Avatar Request Thread

Phoenix Wright

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Sep 13, 2009
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Hey everyone! This is my official thread for anyone who has a signature/avatar request! If you are wanting a custom made avatar/signature, this is the place to go! How this works? Easy! All you do is reply to this thread saying what picture you would like to have, and what you want said on there. Take a look at my avatar/signature for example. All my works will be posted on this very thread, so after requesting, please check back here to see if you're custom-made avatar/signature is ready. Please don't PM me or message me requesting an avatar/signature, as I will simply ignore it. However, if I haven't got your avatar/signature ready in (5) days, then you may message me saying that the avatar/signature you've requested hasn't been made yet. Thanks!
if i can share here


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Could you make me a logo for my clan? Im looking to base it of the specialized bicycle company logo. It would have an SD.