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Dec 27, 2006
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Forum Avatars & Signatures

Forum Avatars and Signatures

Forum Avatars

Most of us already know what a forum avatar is however for those who don't it can be considered a display picture/image that you can find under your username.

Example Of An Avatar


Uploading An Image

Once you have found an image that you would like to use as your avatar save it to your computer then go to > Profile > Edit Avatar > Once you have come accross the edit avatar page scroll down and click on the "Browse" option to upload your image.

If you are having trouble uploading it from your computer you can take another route and host it on one of the following image hosting sites listed below.



If you plan on hosting your images on photobucket you first will have to create an account. Don't worry creating an account is free and simple. Once you have completed creating your account go to "My Album". After that click on the "Browse" option and choose the image you want to host. Once the image is hosted on copy the "URL Link" and paste it in the first box of the "Edit Avatar" Page.

Free Avatar Sites

I usually tend to have trouble finding avatars so here is a short list of sites which offer a variety of avatars to use for free.


More sites will be listed later.


Signatures are images or text which you can find underneath other members posts. They usually will contain an image with their username listed in the text.

How Do I Make A Signature?

To make a signature like the one below you will need a program called Photoshop. However its not cheap so I would suggest on using one of the free image creating programs such as gimp. To learn more about it just go to and search Gimp. However if you don't have the time to make a signature or would like to have someone experienced make you one I suggest posting in the thread listed below...


This thread is great for those who are beginning to use PS and for those who are looking for a signature/avatar made.

Example Of A Signature:



Adding A Signature:

To upload a signature your going to have to host the image on a free image hosting site. Such as photobucket or imageshack. Once you have hosted the image copy the "Img Code". From there go back to then click on Profile > Edit Signature then paste the code in the box provided.

Free Signature Sites

- (Free Hockey Signatures)

Will add more later...
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Definitely worth a sticky, especially if we had a *cough* GFX sub-section *cough* there would be a perfect place for it.

Hopefully i0n will listen to our pleas soon, especially when people constantly ask "how do I add my avvy/sig to my message..." and all the SOTW threads start popping up. :)

We can only cross our fingers, stand on our heads and drink a glass of water....wait a second.
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hey thanks, but whyd u use house?

Its a good show and was the only avatar I had in the photobucket album I was using. The rest were signatures and I didn't feel like logging on to another account. Oh and thanks for the feedback guys its greatly appreciated. :)