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Jul 13, 2006
Milford Ohio
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well for the last week, ive been on a cruise. it was awsome. it was the 4th one ive ever been on but it seemed short because it was also the first 5 day one ive been on (the rest were 7 days). the first and last days sucked because there was nothing to do. however when we stoped at key west and cancun it was fun. we went to the beach and snorkled and walked around the diffrent places. in cancun, about 40% of the women layed out on the beach topless :D. every night they had a diffrent show in what they call "The Palace" (ill post pictures later when my mom gets her digi. cameria unpacked). alot of the shows were broadway style and were VERY boring/stupid but they had comedians and a guy who was a master at balancing things (he ballanced 2 sharp swords, tip to tip, with his mouth with a candle thing on top (the things that hold like 5 candles). i know he wasnt fakeing because he messed up on some of the tricks (but redid them perfectly). oh and i dont want to forget the best part! THE 24HRS OF FREE FOOD!!!! i gained about 10 pounds lol. anyways like i said before. ill get some pics once i get my moms cameria
Mitch2025 said:

My eyes just locked on food
There was a all you cant eat round the corner a few years back but it closed down when i moved near
... this thread is strange but anywy put the photos!!!... (no stupid photos plz)

oh wait theres blood on a nintendo they wont like that
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Firstly, i dont put pics of me or my family/friends on the net. not for securaty, just personaly prefrence. also i dont get sea sick so HA! lol. anyways here are some pics:
(click to make bigger)

The main deck

My Cabin

The Casino (lost about $40)

The Palace Lounge
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sorry, could only post 4 pics at a time

View of the main area from the top deck

View of the ocean from the top deck

first time ive ever seen a bed on a beach lol

AND ARRGH holiday snaps
Lol. Did you get to see any pinguins on the cruise? Or maybe humans vagely related to pinguins?(if you catch my drift^^)