What Are Your Top 5 Movies?


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May 6, 2011
Everyone has there favorite movie. They also have their favorite comedy, horror, and action movies, but what are your top 5 movies?

Mine are:
1. Braveheart
2. Rushmore
3. Fight Club
4. Dumb and Dumber
5. Star Wars

Do you disagree? Let me know!
I can't decided on a top 5, but my top few include:

Shawshank redemption
Minority report
Fast and furious tokyo drift (recently got number 4, and going to see rio soon)
Alien (including alien vs predator)
Pirates of the caribbean

They are in no particular order but these are great films
5. The Mummy
4. Batman Begins
3. Trapped in Paradise
2. Lord of the Rings
1. Ghost Town
my top five (not in a particular order) has to be:
The departed
The dark knight
Hot Rod (cracks me up every time)
American gangster
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Some good ones! Gladiator, shawshank, lord of the rings, the dark knight are definitely some awesome movies!
a bugs life
Forrest Gump
Waynes World
The Princess Bride

i'm blanking at the moment.. gotta check the dvd rack at home.
Today's the 25th so 5 movies from 5 genres makes 25 yay

BQ: Who's your favourite actor/actress from each genre?
2.dark knight
3.pokemon zoarck illusions
4.termanater 3 rise of the machines
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jaws and avatar are pretty good, but the rush hour series and friday series. WHATTT!!!
Not really in order but some recent movies that are my favorites. :)
1. Transformers 3 (I love all of them but the last one was AWESOME!!! They should have kept Megan Fox though.)
2. Fast Five (I love all of the Fast & the Furious series too but the last one was amazing!!!)
3. Spider Man (ALL of them. I don't care what anyone says I will ALWAYS love Spider Man.)
4. Harry Potter (Kinda lame but I grew up with this movie and I love it lol.)
5. Childs Play aka Chuckie (I LOVE horror movies and I DEFINITELY grew up watching Chuckie and may be a tad obsessed.)