What did you preorder?


Wii would like to play
Sep 9, 2006
Wii Online Code
What did you preorder (If any?)

Ill start:

Wii System
Red Steel Wii
Twilight Princess Wii
Wii, 5 games (Zelda, Red Steel, Monkey Ball, Rayman, Trauma Center) extra Wii-Mote and Nunchuck

All paid off. =D
I preordered everything. I'm getting:
Wii System + WiiSports
Extra Wiimote + Nunchaku
Red Steel
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Call of Duty 3
i only preordered the wii and TP..

when i went there was no option to preorder controllers or any additional hardware really at all
Don't have a wii. Don't have extra controllers. but what i do have preordered. Red Steel. lol.
Zelda TP
Hardware Bundel
Extra Wii-mote
Extra Nunchuck
SD Wii Card (I know it can be any SD I just like having it all tie together)
i pre-ordered the wii bundle at toysrus. comes with an extra controller and two games
Check the sig, I cancelled Red Steel because it does not sound too promising.
FarCry on the other hand was amazing on PC so I hope its good on Wii also, I have a 1Gb SD ready for it also.
I preorded

The Wii Console + Wii Sports
Extra Remote and Nunchuck
Mini Games + Remote
Classic Controller