What have you learnt today?


Jan 2, 2007
Australia, Sydney, Lebville (not a leb)
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Title says it all. Share with us the things you may have learnt whether they be funny, interesting, rude etc!

Today I learnt to JUST DO IT! If there's ever a moment when you know what you're doing will be good, have no second thoughts...Because the pay off can be schweet:D
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I've learnt that when you wake up from a bad dream, it's better to go back to sleep and wake up about now, as you have a better dream - preventing the bad dream from ruining your day.

That it's learned.
IL, cream in coffee really is as bad as i remember it, and that milk is the only way to go.
Ibuprofen needs to be taken an hour before playing to prevent the pain.
Ibuprofin causes ulsers if you arent carefull Lewi.
Really? **** : / I need to take them every time I play footy, which is twice a week. Hmm suppose I best check it out.
Yeah it's mostly if you OD on it but I can do 500 mgs every 5 hrs.
I lernt you liek Mudkipz.

But seriously, I learnt today that South Auckland is full of Sluts. >:[
Today I learned that I want to go to South Auckland.
i've learnt not to tell women that there old.

unless you have a fire retardant suit & fire extinguishers already in place. or you just want to die a horrible death...