What items do you hate/love? *Possible Spoilers*


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Dec 8, 2007
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Okay, we all know that Items are a HUGE part of the Super Smash Bros. Series, some of us may choose to turn Items off completely but I want to know what you guys think are going to be awesome additions, and what veteran items do you hate/love. As far as I know all the old items have made it to Brawl, and some really cool new ones.

What do you guys hate/love?

Personally I love the...
Veteran Items - Homerun Bat, Pokeballs, Capsules [Yesss], and Motion Sensors

Hated Items - Fan [I hate it], Mr. Saturn, Hammer [I hate the Animations, love the destruction], Red Shell [AHHHHH], and Goldeen [Yeah, it's not a item but don't you just hate that? Actually it's kinda funny]

New Items - Smash Balls, Assist Trophies, Gooey Bomb, and yeah I don't know that many so I want to hear you people's opinions.
im not entirely sure how i feel about the smash ball, it could end up deciding a match so i don't think i'll really like it..but then again unpredictability is part of smash games so heh, run with it!
i like pokesacs and gooey bombs look cool, and does goldeen actually do anything, if it doesnt it shouldve been magikarp floppin around the place
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^^ Nothing, that's the funny part, I hate it though when I'm extremely weak, get my hands on a Pokeball, and Goldeen comes out... She does Splash though, I always wondered why Magikarp wasn't the one who did that.
nice wii im lovin the sig/avatar, and id have to say that smash balls actually arnt that powerful, some character's smashes suck pretty bad
i love goldeen!!!

goldeen goldeen goldeen goldeen goldeen goldeen goldeen

along with the new comer smash ball, well thats a no brainer
I Love... Motion-sensing mines, beam sword,bob-ombs

I am looking forward to... Assist trophies, Cracker Launcher

I Hate... Umbrella, Hammers, Hearts
im looking forward to the assist trophies, smash ball(duh), and cracker launcher. oh and the superspicy curry is definitely gonna bring me and my friends a laugh!:lol: