What the shizz is with the zelda controls?


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Aug 22, 2006
i really dont get why you can play the cube version of zelda on the wii, but the Wii version is not compatible with the old retro cube controller, i know the game has probably been altered in such a way in which it can but what exactly has been changed to make it so incompatible!!!:mad:
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because the wii isnt suppose to be the gamecube it i only suppose emulate it and having the wii version backwards compatible with the old controller and would stupid that is why
because they are two diffrebt version if you want to play the gamecube controller get the gamecube verison otherwise get the wii version
i dont want to play the gamecube version it would ruin the whole experiecene(mispelled i think) and i would want to try the wii with this game because it is going to make it so much cooler
yup, swinging aroudn the wiimote to slash :)
off-topic:mad:marthpwns red vs blue really is nice, donut rules ^^