What type of Game would you make!


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Jul 19, 2006
*Warning* If you are actually making a game or have an Idea for a game you really wish to create for a big system please patent your ideas before posting them or else someone may take your Idea
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A Pirate MMORPG!
It would be so awsome you could make guilds and have a captin and have battle at sea ONLINE!! They is endless possibilitys with that! I really want it to be made!

(Sorry for double post, I had to get things started so ya hehe)
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See they have this Pirates of the Carabian (bad spelling) online game coming out and it looks very stupid so I need someone To make THE best MMO ever!
How bout a game where you... I have no original ideas. Anyway... That actually sounds fun. Level up your pirates and equip different swords and find gold, overrun towns, get ur own parrot/monkey,etc.
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You know what! I think I should get a group of people toghther and try and convince a mmorpg company to produce this game! who is in!!
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they Will just watch lol.. I dont really mean it unkess we have 10+ people in this! making a story line and ideas that we could throw in to show to a company to get them to make it!
what if they made a game to be as close to reality as possible. i know it sounds origional, but picture the sims merged with a first person veiw, online capability, and unlimited things to do. start a new life and explore the entire world rendered in a video game! it would be so awsome. to make it more fun you would use wiimotes strapped to your hands (like that fake picture that i0n posted) to move around your characters hands to do various activities-or whoa! what if they made a glove that has sensers on every finger! then you could do things like tying your shoes, typing on computers, even make hand gestures! (no, im not refering to the vulgur one)

down sides- reminds me of the matrix. now all we need are some evil machines (ps3) to enslave us and trap us in it. creepy. besides being really creepy,i guess it would get kinda borring if havoc doesnt break loose in it because whats the point of playing video games if you cant do anything you cant already do?
i was thinknig of a online game the mixes up all of the like u can pick any fight styly if u want your play to weild a gun or so and then it will ask would u like to do magic and if u can or not

now when in game play u will start off as kidsand the mor you leve up the more you get older and you can like learn how to swim and stuff the time will be in like the future that game will be very cool oh yea and like the little kids when they start off they will have a stick that came off of a fairy tree (means never brake) or a whip that you found on the ground in the ally (which means it hit twice) my person wiil be karate andwith mage with like a metal whip.

p.s if u chose mage u can pick 1 elemen until u get very strong which is water earth fire and air all the four elements ( if you read the p.s careffully you are a fan of the blank) haha privite mail me if u know
Actually there is a Space Pirate MMO but I forgot wats it called. You are a pirate in space and own your own ship and you can attack, raid, and steal other people's ships online. You can build up your crew raid towns on planets and stuff.
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Awsome! more people!! I am going to be gone for about 8 days on vacation So!! Elaborate everyone come up with some AWsome Ideas for us to send to a gaming company!