What's You Versus/Battle Rating On Mario Kart Wii?

Higher than 7,300 in VS, I believe.

I lost like 600 VR after losing focus yesterday... Should of just quit and recollected my thoughts. DX

Don't play Battle. :p Or atleast, not with random people. With friends only.
i used to be a beast. I got up to 9000 at one point. Really lost interest in mario kart though and i've been hovering around 8000 for a while. Battle? who plays battle?:ciappa:
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I had 8400, then I got bumped around by a bunch of noobs, so I'm back down to 8200.

And I hate battle. SO MUCH.
I'm one of those "n00bs" who owned you in a race (but only one, since you freakin' left -.-), J. ;D

My VR is now 8004. Thanks for the points, J. :p

Battle was so much better back when Block Fort existed. =( I don't see why you'd hate battle so much, though... In fact, I might play some battles later today, maybe even right now.

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