What's your cartoon character look-a-like?


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Dec 30, 2007
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I thought I'd bring up this thread because I've heard many people, from school and family, that I look exactly like JoJo from Horton Hears a Who.

I, sadly, cannot disagree with them nor deny it. So I thought that I'd share it with you all and hope to see other look-a-likes as well.

Here are some comparisons:



Note: This comparison was made from a friend by a couple of pics she took of me and was one of the first to realize that I looked like him. lol.
Awhhh that's really cute, he's adorable!!

And I've NO idea what cartoon character I look like!
A bit like a dark haired


lol. Never seen him before.

I can just imagine how you look in real life with that pic. :lol:


Toki (トキ?) is the second of the four Hokuto brothers. He is a pacifist who seeks to use Hokuto Shinken as a healing art. Toki's self-made technique, Hokuto Ujō Ken (北斗有情拳?, "North Star Humane Fist"), is an art that is capable of healing or destroying that which it is used on. When fatally wounded with this style, the dying experiences a great feeling of euphoria, instead of horrifying pain. Toki is from the Land of Asura, and along with Raoh, is orphaned and adopted by Ryuken, who is seeking a student to train. Although he originally doesn't train Toki, Toki shows incredible potential, and he is made to promise that he will stop Raoh if he falls down the wrong path,
During the war, Toki is exposed to the nuclear fallout. Toki survives for two weeks without food and water, but the nuclear exposure turns his hair white and leaves him terminally ill. Thus, Toki renounces the succession to the Hokuto Shinken style and becomes a wandering doctor, easing the people's ills. Toki wanders into a village full of sick people and heals everyone there. The village became known as the "Village of Miracles" and Toki becomes heralded as a miracle maker. However, Toki is taken captive by Raoh's army and imprisoned at Cassandra, while Amiba impersonates him in an attempt to tarnish Toki's reputation. Kenshiro rescues him, and Toki attempts to stop Raoh, though he is defeated. Toki later dies from his illness.
I think hed need to be trollifed a bit for him to truly look like me
Dead giveaway
North Star
He dosnt make a full on appeance in the films (till the Toki one)
But he dose in the TV seres

Err not really
I can only heal my self with a few pressure points
Closest I look like that I know of is Rygar.

Which is funny because his name is like an abbreviation of my first and last name.


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Closest I look like that I know of is Rygar.

Which is funny because his name is like an abbreviation of my first and last name.

Wow. That resemblance is pretty darn close. That's insane! lol.


Never heard of the show. Sorry. :(

Well you must be just about indestructible with that sort of talent. lol.
Well, as my nickname may tell you, I look like Bobby Hill (from King Of The Hill). xD
My friend Jeremy called me that one day, and it just stuck.
I thought I looked liked an anime character, but, after looking again, I decided. No.
I'm told at times I look like Jack Black in the face. That guy's like a living, breathing cartoon.