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May 17, 2006
Cornwall, UK
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Ok, heres an idea. Post your top 5 reasons (in order of preference) as to why you'll be buying the Wii, along with your top 5 gripes with anything Wii/PS3/360 related. These may be interchangable, so that if you'd prefer to say why you want a 360 or PS3, you can.

Note: Let's keep this all friendly, so nobody is allowed to say stuff like "WTF? Do you know how bad [insert word] is?" or "You obviously don't know anything because [insert explanation]".

I'll start: Top 5 reasons why I will be buying a Wii
1. Wii controller - adds a new edge to gameplay.
2. Cheap price - Can't go far wrong with this "wii" pricetag.
3. Free online play - I like the buddy codes, keeps things free and only allows you to play with people you know (theoretically), so parent's would be happy.
4. Zelda - The Wii version looks Wii-licious!
5. Wireless controllers - No more tangles! Being the owner of 5 consoles next to my TV (along with many games for each), it can get pretty tiresome trying to get things in a working order.

Gripes with next gen:
1. PS3 pricetag - Don't think many casual gamers will get one for quite some time.
2. Sony's statements - They seem (to me, as this is meant to be opinion orientated) arrogant of late.
3. Complaints (from fanboys) of the Wii-mote being a gimmick - Gimmicks are only such if they fail. Nobody would say that the Dance Dance Revolution mat was "gimmicky", as it has proved to be successful (apparently).
4. Blu-Ray - Seemingly a trojan horse for Sony, much like many of their other alternate formats (UMD, a-trac etc...)
5. HDTV - Pushes up the price of consoles and games development, whilst relatively few people have them, or actively looking to buy one.

Note: I've tried to give reasons, rather than start arguements (I know most of you won't start arguements, but when it comes to talking about other next-gen consoles, things CAN get a bit heated).

Also, for all readers, if you have a gripe with what other's say, please PM them so that they can edit their post, rather than posting their mistakes on the thread directly.

Other than that, have fun and discuss!:cool:
Top 10 reasons to buy a Wii
  1. The controller- Adds a new edge to gameplay
  2. The price tag- only £200? Bargain! Especially compared to the PS3 which costs a massive £600
  3. Exclusive games- Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing... so many great games only availiable for the Wii
  4. Backwards compatiable- Can play any Gamecube game
  5. Virtual console- over 20 years of games ready to download from the NES, SNES, N64, Genesis and PC Engine
  6. Reliable hardware- Nintendo consoles have a reputation of not breaking, and if they do break the Nintendo Service Centre will fix it
  7. WiiConnect24- automatically downloads new features to games (such as new characters) and demos while the Wii is on standby
  8. Free online play- play games online for free
  9. Wii- DS connection- the DS can connect to the DS meaning you can use it as controller, download DS demos from the Wii, and posiibly much more
  10. Extra feedback from controller- Unlike the PS3 pad the Wii-mote has a rumble feature, but it also has a bulid in speaker which adds extra feedback from the Wii-mote. For example, when you fire a gun you will hear the shot being fired from the controller's speaker, and hear the bullet hitting the target from the TV, much like in real life
My opinion


1. the innotive design of the wii-mote is very intruging
2. There are going to be excellent games on the console such Loz, metroid etc.
3. the price is cheap compered to other consoles, and the wii is likely to come very popular and i can bragg about having one!
4. The dowloadable feature looks awesome, although i hope there are cable otherwise ill have to get wireless
5. Quality wise, the wii is very reliable on life span

top 5 opinions on next gen games

1. Ps3 really doesnt seem to intruiging, it is (as mentioned many times) just a piece of expensive equipment that will be outdated in no time
2. the 360 seems no different from the xbox except for improved hardware, graphics and a 'cuddly look' (i think it looks like a paperclip)
3. and thats just all that has been changed for next gen, the ps3 follows the same footsteps
4. the wii will certainly revolutionise the gaming world and the creativity will undoubtly be passed on to other next-gen consales. (it already has anyway, naughty sony)
5. I think nintendo will again rule the whole gaming market and dominate forever!!
*EDIT i know the last two arent really gripes, but i wanted to include them in the post
those are my opinions
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Top 5 reason's I'm buying a Wii:

1. Virtual Console - Heck, I loved my SNES! And now I'm able to play my favourite SNES games in 480p! Oh, I can play N64 games too?

2. Price! - If I were buy (USED) SNES system on eBay with the games that I used to own and loved, would cost me more than a PS3.

3. Wiimote - Makes the Wii (SNES) Classic Controller wireless. I could change my SNES games without gettin' up?

4. "Always Online" - Yeah, so I can freakin' download my SNES games! There's a built in Opera browser for internet browsing custom made for TV screens? OK I'm sold.

5. Design - OK I gotta admit that my beloved SNES looks like a freakin' War Tank, but the Wii is the size of three DVD cases stacked; I might be able to fit the Wii into the front pocket of my overall jeans.

There you go I'm sold, now where's my Wii???:tard:

Why I'm not buying any other console:

1. PS3 & XBox 360 doesn't play my beloved SNES games. If it does it's not legal nor does it look nearly as pretty as the Virtual Console selection screen.

2. Xbox and PS3 freakin' costs more than my whole life savings. And it still doesn't play my SNES games.

3. Can't Microsoft or Sony think of something new? I've been using that same old controller design since my SNES only without the analogs!

4. Can't download my SNES games! OK I'm freakin' exploding!

5. OK that looks like the size of my freakin' VCR! What, it's heavier then my refrigerator? WTF?

There you go, now do yourself a favor a buy a FREAKIN' Wii!!!:tard:
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1. originality, something new = Wii is something that has never been seen before!, its just crazy. PS3 and 360 are just like their precessors except with better graphics
2. Wiimote - that **** is wack! No explaining needed!
3. Price - also needs no explaining
4. Virtual console - Heck yeah, n64 was the bombshell, im not letting go of those memories man!
5. Sequels - Sequels to many games in which i have been waiting for a long time such as Zelda and smash bros and mario
Top 5 reasons for getting Wii:
1. The games.
2. Virtual Console- a chance to see some of Nintendo's past classics.
3. Potential for innovation. It's the most original console for years, after all.
4. For only about £150, it's quite affordable.
5. Backwards compatibility.

Gripes with next-gen games:
1. Too many developers focus on graphics and not on gameplay.
2. The Xbox 360 overheats too much, and I'm thinking the PS3 might suffer from this problem as well. I don't know if this will be a problem for the Wii.
3. £50 for new games! This is why I normally buy second hand.
4. Not all games backward compatible with the 360 and PS3.
5. Minor complaint- it's a bit of a pain having to recharge the batteries for wireless controllers (but it's worth it).
Top 7 Reasons For Getting Wii
1. Excerise - can u believe ill be burning calories while playing? unbelievable
2. Wii-mote - very slick and alot of features
3. FREE On-line play - when u buy the ps3 thats 1000(australia) you then have to pay more for on-line... with wii u dont =)
4. Price - 400 dollars(australia) no1 can argue with that
5. Games - SSBB!!! woot cant wait
6. McCoolness - overall yummy
7. Friends - alot of my friends are getting it

Gripes with next gen
1. Ps3 pricetag - c'mon 1000(australian) for a console no way!
2. nintendo rising up the ladders once again
3. Games - im not really into ps3 or xbox games..... may GTA but thats it
10 reasons to buy a wii:
- Cheap
- New gameplay controller
- Virtual Console
- Mario Galaxy, zelda and other classic games
- Graphics (anyway we have to accept the are normal)
- DVD apart (no cost like $100+)
- GCN compatibility
- no need to buy a HD TV
- Free online
- DS compatibility

Why not PS3 and XBOX?
- Expensive
- XBOX 360 = XBOX 1.5
- No new gameplay
- Sony copy nintendo
- Online cost (in the case of XBOX Live)
- No compativility with a movile console ( XBOX only)
- No games that are own by em... only halo in case of XBOX
- Fight between the blu-ray and HD DVD (I think the HD DVD will win)
- Need to buy a new TV and Im not rich
- Same controller (the only difference with sony is the Eyetoy and we know why they putted it there)
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Reasons for Wii

New conroller
cheaper than a mofo'
great games comming for it
great gameplay
virtual console - play your favourite classic games with your Wii

Reasons not to get PS3/XBOX360

fucking expensive $600 the most!!
same ol' gameplay - sit on your couch moving the analogue stick
amazing graphics, same games.
Looks like spaceship and will take off when u turn it on.

Reasons not to get a Wii
100 reasonds why to get a wii:

we... o ..? only five? ok sorry than let's start again:

5 reasonds why to get a wii:

1. it has got the best game that will ever be : legend of zelda: TP

2. it has got this freaking hot sensor bar with i can make a fish stick with! all the games will be a hundred times more fun with the sensor bar folx!

3. i's not only a wii ! it's a nes a snes +++ and even more!! can play gamecube games :D can't wait 4 wind waker!

4. it's cheaper then a mofo!

5. and got a freaking nice mojo ;)
1) Super Smash Brother Brawl
2) New Wii-mote, look like a new step form gaming
3) Old School games--I can play my gamecube games, and i can buy N64, SNES and NES games.. it does all of Nintendos systems
4) I love my gamecube, and with the Wii being a evolution of it I fell i need to buy it.
5)Price.. i want a next gen system, and the Wii seems to be priced so nice, its like a cherry ontop of a great piece of cake
6) Free online WITH Wi-FI built in.. not like on the 360 were it is 99 for Wi-Fi

Gripes with next gen:
1) Sony forcing Blue-Ray on to the gamers, clearly using vidoe games as a tool to make money from Blue-Ray, and then they try to say there doing people a favor
2) Price tag of PS3..499 for the "Core" set.. no thanks
3)Price for the xBox 360, still pricy and for the 299 you need a harddrive and such
4) Online gaming cost money(outside of internet fee)
5)Lack of any games i care about on PS3 or xBox 360(minux Halo 3)
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Lets see mm.... 5 reasons to get a wii are

1.very cheap especialy compared to the play station 3 and the xbox360.
2.great games like the legend of zelda the twillight princess, metroid prime 3, mario galaxy and red steel.
3.the new controller that lets you interact with the gameplay.
4.free online.
5.can dowload all of the old games and it also lets you play gamecube games and that good for me because I have a lot of gamecube games.
1.It's from nintendo, and nintendo always has some good first party games, so you just know you get at least some quality games.
2.The wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimote and all it's features
3.Free online, wiiconnect-24,and opera(Java :) )
4.Super smash bros, always loved those
5.I don't need a selfdestruct device or some copycat device of 600 bucks which i can't even connect to my tv :(