When Do u think the wii is comming?

What is the date???

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Jun 19, 2006
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Ive read a lot of threads that some said it will come out in Nov/6/06
Some other October 30 etc etc etc

Now, lets know what everyone thinks about the realese date here is the poll
Nintendo said that we'll know the release dat and actual price in September therfore ruling out a September release. Maybe sometime in October or Early November.
I heard that they will revealing everything before september, so a september launch date is actually possible
This topic is like beating a dead horse... this topic has been addressed many times already...

- Scythe
so? its a good topic to talk about. this is one of the most important things the wii is going to be doing :p
I don't really have a clue, but I'm preparing myself for a November release...so if it comes out earlier, I will be surprised and it will be like Nintendo's little present to me.
I don't think nintendo will wait much longer. They are pretty much don with the console, almost all that remains is tweaking the launch titles. they might decide to make a few more modifications. We know it's coming out around the 4th quater of the year so that means late september is the earliest it can come out.I think Nintendo could release in August is they wanted to, but want to release just a little before Sony. September is not ruled out because they could announce it early september and release it late september. I personally think it will be a late September - Early October Launch.
Lets hope in September they announce to the world 'Wii comes out tomorrow". I think at the end of october though
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Mr_Stoukaph said:
:lol:nkbswe5. why doesnt nintendo announce the release date and end our anticipation pain?
Elemental my dear watson: nintendo wants just to let know sony they will release the wii at the same time as ps3 and then... SURPRISE! sony will be very upset and then they will release in november when some people will think they will release it later the wii
right now no, i have no money 0-0 maybe in 3 weeks they should jump into every home and say WII NOW!