When Will You Get WiiConnect 24


Jul 17, 2006
When will you get it set-up/when will you get a wireless router

Remember in the uk you might want to wait a while.

i will wait til about june or something next year then there will be more games to play online.
as soon as ive played all the games ive bought at least once. then i will try to master the online experience.
whats not to understand? A router simply splits the internet connection coming out of the modem into 4+ seperate lines so that you can hook up more than one device to the internet (i.e. PC, Gaming Console, Server, etc...) Now when you have a wireless router and a device with Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) capabilities like a Laptop or the Wii, you can now connect to the internet without using any wires but instead a Wi-Fi signal.
but if you dont have a router you can use a adapter that plugs into a usb court on your pc and it tricks the computer into thinking its a access point and it shares the connection with the ds, and hopefully the wii without using any wires.
good thing I was going to get a router anyways since Im moving out of the parents house. Might as well make it wireless! Sheesh I am so anxious
my ISP was giving away free wireless ADSL Routers. i needed a router anyways so getting one free was awsome and the wireless part of it is finaly gonna get some use!!
I only have dial-up at my home, for my online I'll have to goto someone else house probably, Nintendo has stated previously that dial-up would be sufficient but I doubt when the games are released they will even support dial-up.