What You Get For $250...

I only have a laptop because I work quite a bit and hardly buy anything. I had bought a $1000 iMac, which is basicly a computer that's all inside the monitor. Anyway, I sold that and made a profit of $500 and worked some more and that's how I got my laptop. Just wanted to explain that so you won't think I'm rich because I'm not.:D
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Well, to have a laptop, doesn't mean you are rich, but I wish to have one!

I going to sleep, feel tired :O see you tomorrow :zzz:
I can transfer stuff from phone to laptop or vis versa any time, thats simple. But i was wondering if the wii would be compatible wiith the laptops bluetooth...Wait, this is getting too confusing :(
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I can't buy it on launch day, but Im ddeffinetely getting for this year.